Spindle Assemblies

  • Husqvarna/AYP130794
  • Husqvarna/AYP130794
  • Husqvarna/AYP130794
  • Husqvarna/AYP130794
  • Husqvarna/AYP130794


  • Product description: AYP:130794,128285,Husqvarna:532130794,Dixon:16626; Oregon: 82-225;Prime line: 7-03127;Rotary: 12723 / 8479; Stens: 285-456;and others;
POSEAGLE Replacement Parts are built to meet or exceed OEM Standards, creating an Opportunity for you to Maintain your Engine each Season with high Quality Replacement Parts at a lower Price.

Replaces :

AYP 130794,128285,532130794;
Husqvarna 532130794;
Dixon 16626;Oregon 82-225;
Prime line 7-03127;Rotary 12723/8479;
Stens 285-456 and others;

Husqvarna Models: CT130,LR12,LR121,LT100,LT130,LT1538C,LTH120,LTH130,LTH1342,LTH1342C,YTH130,YTH150,YTH1542C,YTH1542D,YTH1542E,YTH1542XPE,YTH1842,YTH2242A,YTH2242B;
Poulan Models: PP11536A,PP1036S,PP1036SA,PP1136J,PP11536KA,PP12538;

Fits (914 mm)36", 38"& 42" With Ventilated Decks,Using 5 Point Star Center Hole Blades;

This is Non-Orginal Aftermarket Product,Our product will meet or exceed OEM standard everytime,giving you a stronger start to the season.Please check the picture,size,and OEM for compatibility before you buy it.

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